A name that speaks for architecture.
We are indeed called that, but we also think in all other forms.
And for decades already.

What Ewald Viereck started in 1984 is managed successfully today by Marleen and Bernhard Viereck. Both of them inherited the Archi gene from their father and, together with a team of experienced architects ranging from general planning for architecture / construction and project management to building physics and acoustics, work process and cost control to ecology and economics, they create sensational objects at home. and abroad.

The interaction between the two locations in Kindberg & Graz allows for a vision of urban and natural building and leads to new, bold ideas without losing touch with the real and the practical.

„The intellectual generosity that we live by every day, allows our team to access all capabilities and incorporate new innovations.“

Our clients include corporations, small and medium-sized businesses as well as private builders and public sector clients. The spectrum ranges from office buildings, homes, residential buildings, workshops, comprehensive refurbishments, restaurants and hotels, to bank branches, car dealerships, supermarkets, ordinations and exterior design as well as interior design.

„Our projects are designed to communicate building the way we understand it - as a process that brings the client's demands and the spatial, temporal and social environment into context. Quality, functionality and cost-effectiveness are just as important factors as an artistic and individual standard, generosity and breadth in mental and real space, as well as transparency and clarity in appearance and usability.“


Viereck drew his first architectural sketches over 40 years ago. On paper, sketched by hand, models made. In the present day, he masters both technology and craftsmanship. He is like that. Detail-obsessed, you could call it consistent. Characterized by the vision to make the impossible possible, he pursues everything, but above all himself. Persevering, creative and eloquent. These are the ideas that still come from his hand and endure today.


Viereck has something in the genes, which you might not suspect at first glance. She sales into the wind. Dominates the rough sea. Seeks inspiration in the vastness of the north. And inherited the Viereck-Archi-Gene. Infected with it 30 years ago by her father and to this today remains thoroughly infected. And when female intuition meets hard materials, objects with a special soul are created. Award-winning and experienced, she manages two locations and has realized many prestigious projects with her team.


Viereck has been drawn out into the world, because urban planning and the metropolises, especially of Asia inspired him. After spending 8 years in total, 4 of it in one of the largest architecture firms in the world, AEDAS, he brings his experience and meticulous attention to detail into a style adapted to European dimensions. When the affinity to design meets home roots, a new page is created at Viereck architects.

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Office Graz
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Office Kindberg
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Project Management
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